Dharmapuri Diocese Dharmapuri Diocese Dharmapuri Diocese

Hostels & Social Work Centres


S.no. Nameof the Hostel Nameof the Place Takencare of by
1 St. Aloysius Hostel Elathagiri Diocesan
2 St. Collette Hostel Christupalayam Diocesan
3 St.Bosco Hostel Krishnagiri Diocesan
4 AveMaria Hostel Hosur FSPMsisters
5 St. Joseph’sHostel Elathagiri FSMSisters
6 St. Thomas Hostel Krishnagiri FIHMSisters
7 St.Clare’s Hostel for working women Hosur FSMSisters
8 NirmalaHostel Elathagiri FIHMSisters

Social Work Centre

S.no. TradesTaught Nameof the Place Takencare of  by
1 Weaving,and Tailoring Kovilur SRASisters
2 Embroidering SitteriHills SSASisters
3 Tailoring Bommidi SMMISisters
4 Tailoring Sundampatti FSTSisters
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